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A New Look F4F ... 

October, 2012From Oct 2012 we are sporting our new look for F4F

Seven steps to cloud heaven ... 

October, 2012... article in Business Computing World with Adaptris CTO Jeff Bradshaw

Taking the agro out of agri 

April, 2012With escalating fuel and transport costs, having an efficient logistics model is essential for keeping operating costs down.

B2B Connectivity 

Large businesses today need their IT systems to be seamlessly linked with those of their many trading partners so that information can move quickly up and down the supply chain, enabling better service to customers and the allocation of resources to the most valuable tasks.

F4F's cloud based b2b services enable clients to connect to all of their trading partners and achieve these eBusiness outcomes to the greatest extent possible with lowest internal resource impact, lowest cost and lowest risk.

eCommerce Portals 

F4F design and deliver eCommerce Portals, also known as WebShops or Trading Portals, for many of our clients across a variety of sectors. Customers using our eCommerce Portal Framework are both large and small - size of business is no object to offering an online customer ordering, self service or business process management portal. These online applications have been designed to serve various needs, including customer online ordering, inventory management, product management, customer self service, marketing/promotions and business-to-business online ordering.

Mobile Applications 

With the proliferation of mobile devices, companies must have an appropriate mobile strategy in place to leverage this new technology and remain competitive within the marketplace.

However, being a fairly new paradigm, the risk of getting it all wrong is a serious consideration F4F's mobile development offering promises lower initial and ongoing costs, easier integration with existing systems and breadth of industry knowledge.