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15th eBusiness Integration meeting for the Agricultural Industry 

July, 2017We would like to invite you to our 15th Integration meeting in Berlin on 27th September 2017

Proagrica’s ADAPT plug-in 

November, 2016Proagrica have announced today that they have developed an ADAPT plug-in which enables traditionally disparate software systems to share data seamlessly.

Electronic ordering 

September, 2016Modern businesses supplying agriculture need the tools to make great decisions that directly improve their bottom line.

About F4FAgriculture


F4FAgriculture provides both expertise and a technology solutions framework that is focussed on integrating ALL parts of the agricultural supply-chain and providing custom data-management business solutions. F4F enables manufacturers, logistics partners, distributors, expert advisors and growers to work more effectively together in meeting the challenges of 21st century food production. Our business solutions are designed to service:

  • Precision agriculture enablement
  • Helping suppliers get closer to their customer
  • Providing real time data and delivering custom information services
  • Enabling the streamlining of logistics and distribution processes across 3rd parties
  • Opening enterprise information and processes to the field

F4F has specialist solutions to help meet the supply-chain challenges in the grain, seed, crop protection and fertiliser sectors.


To create a transparent, open farmer and consumer centric integrated agri-food supply chain.


To work with all parts of the agri-food market in providing business solutions aimed at helping our customers meet the challenges of:

  • Legislation on assurance and compliance with rules and standards
  • Supply chain consolidation – across every sector
  • Need to increase - productivity
  • Intensifying competition – on price, service, quality, green factors, and value
  • Challenges in data management – volume, types, web enabled devices, speed of change, real time
  • Sustainability – the need for our industry to rise to the global challenge of creating more from less
  • Food safety – provenance and assurance on food origin and treatment is high on the list of matters concerning consumers
  • Rapid evolution of technology - allowing changes to be made to business processes that were previously not possible


F4F currently works with many of the leading agri-food businesses in the seed, crop protection, animal health and fertiliser sectors. F4F’s business over the last 10 years has been shaped by the need of the industry to move from the traditional linear supply-chain to the farmer centric model where the needs of the consumer and retailer can be managed with optimum efficiency. Unique to the business is the fusing between the business solutions framework and the integration toolset which enables the business to rapidly and cost effectively customise solutions that can be engineered into existing business processes and systems. Increasingly, F4F is involved in bringing together solutions where the scope is focussed on helping deliver new business processes that extend the reach of the core ERP system to all the points in the supply-chain. Enabling participation with all points is a given, the focus is now on the process of turning data into information. The speed, volume and variety of different data sources means that organisations need a partner skilled in both connectivity and the delivery of applications. The company was formed in the UK in 2000 and has since expanded into 4 continents with 11 international offices. All F4F infrastructure was virtualised in 2012 and all business solutions and integration services are available locally or SAAS.

About Adaptris Group

The Adaptris Group is a rapidly expanding international software and services business where innovative on premise or cloud based integration services are combined with software solutions and data management capabilities to deliver best in class impact and value solutions to our customers.

The group consists of three core business services all built upon the Adaptris integration product set:

  • Corporate Integration - Working directly and with both approved resellers and channel partners to provide a unique approach that enables customers to leverage SaaS based applications as part of their solution. The Adaptris Adapter Framework means that both on premise and cloud based current and legacy applications can be quickly and easily integrated to play their role in the modern business.
  • Communities - Based on the industrial strength messaging infrastructure and extensive range of pre-built application adapters, Adaptris provides a turnkey or Integration as a Service solution for complete supply-chain and industry document exchange and information collaboration.
  • Application Development and Data Management - The development and deployment of highly scalable, web-enabled database applications stretching from data warehousing, online business intelligence to sophisticated extranets and eCommerce solutions that reach from the office to any remote or mobile team.

The Adaptris Group business model enables customer engagement on multiple levels with the objectives of working as closely as possible with our corporate customer base. All three lines of business are brought together through the common challenges of:

  • internal systems integration
  • external supply-chain integration
  • application and software solution integration

The success of the business has been down to both the individual capabilities of each trading arm and also due to the corporate customer engagement extending from light weight integration through to a completely integration solution with an ability to provide specialist applications loosely coupled into core IaaS framework.

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